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Kelva Beach

(Virgin Beach : 20 minutes away)
Kelva beach is also known as Kelva or Kelwe beach. This is located in Maharashtra, India. It is also a popular weekend getaway for tourists from Mumbai or around Mumbai. The beach is about 8 kilometers long. Kelwa Beach is around 80 kilometers north from the Mumbai. This beach located near Kelve Road station which is around 5 kilometres away from the beach.

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Shirgoan Fort

The fort of Shirgaon is 5 km north of Mahim in Palghar Taluka. Seashore behind the fort is very beautiful, but is lonely as the fort is quite neglected.Shirgaon fort is well fortified and the walls are good condition. It took us an hour to see the fort. There are two towers located at the entrance of the fort from where one can geta a panaromic view of the place. The fort is small it has a few rooms in it but they have not been well-maintained. There are many hidden caves in the walls of the fort. One cave leads to another.

Satpati Beach 

Satpati is one of the biggest fishing villages on the western coast of India. It is about 80 km north of Mumbai, located in the Palghar Taluka of District Palghar in Maharashtra. The main industry in Satpati is fishing, with large exports abroad. The majority of the population is part of the Koli community.

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Surya River 

Surya is a river in Perm Krai, Russia, a right tributary of the Uls River, which in turn is a tributary of the Vishera River. The river is 21 kilometres (13 mi) long.[1] It flows into the Uls River 56 kilometres (35 mi) from the larger river's mouth.